How much does a property survey cost and how long does it take?

Each property survey is different based on its purpose and the legal description of the property. The purposes can range from building an addition to an encroachment by a neighbor. The legal description of the property determines the process to which the survey is performed and the purpose determines the amount of information located and shown on the certificate of survey.

A certificate of survey is a drawing showing the results of the field survey. A certificate of survey is not a requirement of performing a boundary survey but is highly recommended. A typical certificate of survey will show the boundary lines, acreage and any visible encroachments.

The cost is developed from reviewing the legal description and terrain of the property and the amount of information needed to suit the purpose. The cost can range as low as a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars and the time frame is then directly proportional to the cost.

The best course of action is to make a call to discuss your property with us and explain your particular situation.

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