What do property corners look like?

Property corners consist of many types of “monuments”. A monument is a marker which defines the location of the property lines. These monuments are placed at the property corners and change in direction of the property lines. The primary monuments used by a surveyor are a 1/2″ iron pipe or rebar. If the monument is replaced it will have a plastic cap on top with the land surveyor’s license number shown. Existing monuments can also be a solid pin, masonry nail or chiseled X. The iron monuments are typically flush or below the ground surface.

If the property corner is on an asphalt or concrete surface, typically a masonry nail, drill hole or chiseled X is placed. All these monuments are very durable but can be moved, bent or destroyed during excavation or snow removal. If the property corner is missing only a licensed land surveyor is allowed according to state law to replace it.

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