Do I need a property survey before doing construction?

If you are considering construction of a home, deck, garage, shed or fence on your property then yes you probably need a survey. A survey is required prior to construction because of requirements established by local city, township and county governments. The correct size and placement of the structure is based on the ordinance established by the governing body. Hardcover calculations are typically required to determine if the new structure will remove green space from the parcel.

This is especially important around lakes. This calculation is achieved by determining the boundaries of the parcel to obtain the parcel area. The location of any existing structures, driveway, sidewalks or other impervious surfaces as defined by the governing body are plotted and an area of each is calculated. The hardcover is the sum of all the areas of impervious surfaces on the parcel. Another reason a survey is necessary during a construction project is for the proper placement of the new structure on the parcel.

This is very important to verify that the structure is not placed into the published setback. If you are planning new construction or an addition give us a call to discuss your project.

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